Where are you located?

We are based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh City is home to approximately 13 million people, is known for its vast sea of motorbikes and delicious street food.

How do you find and select your recruits?

We have relationships with universities, hospitals and the local nursing community, to find candidates who fit the correct profile for caregiving work abroad.

Who do you typically recruit?

The individuals we recruit have attended the most reputable nursing schools in the country, are highly motivated, in their 20s to 30s, and are fluent in English. They wish to realize their full career potential by permanently immigrating to a country in the West such as Canada. We choose people who are compassionate, highly motivated and enthusiastic about doing gratifying work to help others.

Do your recruits speak English?

Yes. They’ve studied English and are fluent. We require that all recruits have IELTS Band 6 English skills in all categories.

Are your recruits male or female?

We recruit men and women, however, more women tend to seek caregiving positions than men.

How much education have your recruits had?

We recruit nurses who have obtained a degree in nursing from a top tier university.  Recruits will also have an Education Credential Assessment performed to ensure that their post-secondary degree meets Canadian standards, as a part of their immigration requirements. 

We also require that recruits have studied English and are fluent, with at least IELTS Band 6 English skills in all categories.

How do you vet your recruits?

We vet candidates thoroughly. All workers must undergo the criminal background checks and health checks required for getting work permits and visas to legally work as caregivers in Canada. We interview them three or more times in person and check their work and school references.

Have your recruits had any training?

Our recruits have attended top tier nursing schools in the country. Led by our experienced nurse Director, each recruit is evaluated to ensure they will be a valuable addition to any team. Specialized workshops, team building and customized training sessions are also offered.

Do you do the training or is that function outsourced?

Our Director is a U.S.-licensed RN with more than a decade of clinical hiring and training experience. She oversees the training and is fully committed to ensuring our recruits have the right temperament, desire and training to be successful as caregivers.

What type of work are your recruits qualified to do?

Our recruits have a degree in nursing and at least one year of work experience in their field. Our recruits can become caregivers for seniors in long-term care facilities and in-home care agencies

Where can your recruits work?

They can provide care on a full-time basis, a minimum of 30 hours per week, for an in-home care agency or in a private facility such as a nursing home, assisted living community or hospital.

What legal requirements do your recruits meet?

They meet all of the requirements set by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Once these recruits are sent to Canada, where do they live?

We arrange their housing for their first year of employment.

When the recruits land in Canada, how long is it before they’re ready to work?

When they land, we spend the first few days providing an orientation and helping them to get settled. We take care of tasks such as opening a bank account, obtaining a bus pass and acquiring social insurance numbers. After that, the recruit is ready and willing to get to work.

How long do recruits commit to work in their job?

Our recruits are super motivated to have this opportunity to work abroad. They are well-educated and wholly committed to succeeding in this endeavor. We work hard to get recruits plugged into your team, community and get them established in your province before they arrive. You have made a new way of life possible!

What happens if your caregiver doesn’t work out in their job?

We’ve taken great pains to ensure that doesn’t happen. By the time the recruit is placed in a caregiver position, he or she has been background-checked, interviewed multiple times, spent hours face-to-face with our Director of Recruitment and Clinical Training and given an orientation once in Canada. If a particular caregiver doesn’t work out, we will deal with the situation on a case-by-case basis and do what’s necessary to resolve the situation to everyone’s satisfaction.

Why should a long-term care provider hire someone from Vietnam instead of from somewhere else?

Two reasons:

  1. There’s a dire shortage of Canadians who want to do caregiving work, and as the Baby Boomer generation continues to age, that shortage will only become more pronounced.
  2. Our recruits are super motivated to have this opportunity to work abroad. They are well-educated and wholly committed to succeeding in this endeavor. We work hard to get recruits plugged into your team, community and get them established in your province before they arrive.

Who handles all of the visa and immigration paperwork?

Eos Global Recruiting has RCICs to handle the paperwork and ensure the process goes smoothly.

How many recruits can you provide?

We have no shortage of candidates interested in pursuing these opportunities. You tell us how many people you need, and we’ll take care of the rest.

How much does it cost for each recruit?

The costs depends on a host of variables such as the total number of workers being recruited and the specific requirements of the positions. We can discuss those details with you when we have an understanding of your individual needs.

Who owns EOS Global Recruiting?

EOS Global Recruiting was founded and is operated by Britt Leidig and Josh Godin, both of whom are based in Vietnam.


Britt is a seasoned U.S. Registered Nurse and healthcare professional with over a decade of experience recruiting and training hundreds of healthcare workers in the U.S.


Josh is an American Canadian and lifelong entrepreneur who co-founded AsiaWise, an immigration company in China in which he helped over 240 families immigrate to the United States. Prior to founding AsiaWise, he facilitated $55 million in EB5 fundraising as China Region General Manager of the Cleveland International Fund, which made U.S. immigration possible for 110 families.

Why should we encourage foreigners to immigrate to Canada?

With an aging population and low fertility rates, immigration plays an important role in ensuring that Canada’s population and workforce continue to grow. Immigrants are critical to filling skills gaps in our labour market, supporting economic growth and spurring innovation. And, in the case of caregiver positions in particular, there’s a significant shortage of prospects to meet an ever-growing demand.

How do you choose which agencies you supply?

Eos Global Recruiting vets all employer agencies to ensure that our workers are being placed in safe, healthy working situations that comply with all federal and provincial immigration and labor regulations.

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