About us

Our Mission

Our purpose here at Eos is to create a world

  • where every need is met
  • with exactly the right people
  • with exactly the right knowledge
  • where every human potential is met with a purpose

Who we are

Eos Global Recruiting was founded to help nurses and healthcare professionals from Vietnam unlock their full potential with exciting opportunities in Canada. Based in Vietnam, we recruit, and build up educated, English-speaking, Vietnamese nurses and facilitate their immigration to Canada. And our involvement doesn’t end there.

We land the recruit, arrange housing and provide support for the first year to ensure a happy and successful adjustment to life as a caregiver in Canada.

Uniquely Qualified

The concept for Eos Global Recruiting was developed by Britt Leidig and Josh Godin, whose experience and qualifications precisely dovetail with operating an international caregiver organization.

Britt is a third-generation Registered Nurse and healthcare professional who spent 8 years on the front lines of urgent care as staff and charge nurse for Providence Health and Services in Washington and Oregon, U.S. Her experiences and deep family tradition in nursing ultimately led her to the path of passionate clinical educator and RN quality manager.

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Josh is an American Canadian and lifelong entrepreneur who co-founded AsiaWise, an immigration company in China in which he helped over 240 families immigrate to the United States via the EB-5 immigrant investor program. Prior to founding AsiaWise, he facilitated $55 million in EB5 fundraising as China Region General Manager of the Cleveland International Fund, which made U.S. immigration possible for 110 families.

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Okanagan Care Homes… Declare Emergency Due to Staffing Shortages

“…approximately 243 full-time equivalent care-aide association positions that are vacant in the B.C. interior…in Okanagan alone, 139 full time positions need to be filled” – Global News, Canada

There’s a Human Resources Crisis in Senior Care

“A recent SafeCare BC report flagged that 95 per cent of seniors care providers report staff shortages…There has been, and continutes to be, challenges in retention, recruitment and training.” – Canadian Association of Long Term Care

A ‘Perfect Storm’: Staffing Crisis in Seniors Care

“Ensuring there are a sufficient number of healthcare wokers for our aging population is one of the most pressing issues facing B.C.’s continuing care sector. – Hospital News, Canada

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Seize this life-changing opportunity to pursue your dreams and put your passion to work as a caregiver in Canada. Eos Global Recruiting is committed to providing reliable, expert support to make it possible.

Seize this life-changing opportunity to pursue your dreams and put your passion to work as a caregiver in Canada.